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We design your garden as you have always dreamed it

Garden Center Grupo Navarro is, since its inception, the cornerstone of our group of companies.

Our Garden Center is a leader in the sector, among many other things, due to our more than 40,000 metres of facilities, all kinds of gardening materials, specialisation in phytosanitary products, a wide range of ornamental elements, an infinite number of aggregates, artificial grass, all kinds of pots, indoor and outdoor plants, exemplary species, thousand-year-old olive trees, more than 40 different types of palm trees, everything related to the world of bonsai, ecological products and an endless number of different references in the world of gardening.

Do you need any product or material for your garden?

We offer a wide range of services from conceptual design to full implementation of the garden, including planting, installation of irrigation systems, and construction of structures such as pergolas and pathways.

Our process begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs and preferences, followed by the development of a preliminary design, adjustments based on your feedback, and finally, the execution of the project.

Yes, we tailor our garden design and construction projects to suit a variety of budgets, offering creative solutions to maximise value without compromising quality.

The execution time may vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. At the initial consultation we will provide a time estimate based on your specifications and requirements.

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