All types of aggregates

Endless possibilities with our Aggregates

Improve the aesthetics and functionality of your garden with our selection of aggregates. We offer different types and sizes, perfect for drainage, decoration and more. Choose from our variety to find exactly what your green space needs.

grava decorativa

Decorative gravels

Our Garden Center decorative gravels are ideal for adding texture and colour to any landscaping project. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, these gravels are perfect for pathways, seating areas or as mulch in flower beds. Durable and easy to maintain, decorative gravels are an aesthetic and functional solution for maintaining soil moisture and preventing erosion.


Our boulders are selected for their quality and natural beauty, offering a durable and attractive solution for gardens, ponds and other decorative applications. These time honed stones come in a variety of sizes and colours, ideal for creating natural contrasts and adding a touch of rustic elegance to any outdoor space. They are also excellent for delineating areas and as a support for drains and wet areas.
piedra irregular

Irregular stones

Our varied selection of irregular stones, perfect for adding a natural, rustic look to any landscape design. These stones, with their unique shapes and varied textures, are ideal for building retaining walls, garden paths or as decorative highlights in floral arrangements. Each stone offers a distinctive character, ensuring that no two projects are alike. Weather-resistant and versatile, irregular stones are a durable and aesthetically appealing choice for any outdoor space.

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