Artificial plants

All kinds of artificial plants for your home or business

All kinds of possibilities with artificial plants

Add a touch of greenery to your space without the maintenance of real plants with our artificial plants. Available in various sizes, our realistic replicas instantly beautify any corner. Perfect for indoors and low sun areas.


Hanging plants

Artificial hanging plants from our Garden Center are an excellent alternative for decorating the home or office with a touch of nature that requires no maintenance. These elegant plants mimic natural plants perfectly, hanging gracefully from pots and baskets. Perfect for spaces where natural light is limited or for those looking for a care-free decorative option.
Plantas artificiales grandes

Large artificial plants

Explore our collection of large artificial plants, perfect for filling empty spaces and adding a touch of maintenance-free nature. From palm trees to ficus, our artificial plants are high quality, realistic and durable, ideal for offices or corners of homes that need a bit of uncomplicated greenery.
Plantas artificiales pequeñas

Small artificial plants

Our small artificial plants are ideal for decorating tables, shelves or desks. Compact and charming, these plants require no maintenance and offer a long-lasting solution for adding a bit of greenery to any corner. Available in a variety of styles and containers, they fit perfectly into any interior décor.
Plantas decorativas

Decorative plants

Discover the versatility and beauty of our decorative artificial plants. Designed to enhance any space, these plants offer the perfect natural look without any maintenance effort. From small shrubs to elegant topiaries, each plant is an ideal decorative accessory to add style and greenery to your surroundings, without worrying about watering or sunlight.

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