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Vermicompost is without a doubt the best fertilizer in the world. Non-toxic in any way to plants and is an excellent soil conditioner. Due to its biostability, prevents fermentation or putrefaction. Its enzymatic and bacterial contents make it easily and quickly absorbable by the roots of the plants.
Its richness in NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and its high level of organic matter make it a good moisture retainer, thus satisfying the needs of our plants.

Bonsai courses & 3rd Open Doors Day

Visit our website and discover the courses we have prepared for you. Mini gardens, medicinal plants, culinary plants and two courses for bonsai (initiation and advanced).
Remember places are limited.

We also wanted to let you know that we are working on a new edition of our magazine, with a Mothers Day special and a reportage about the 3rd Open Doors Day of Grupo Hogar y Jardín, which will take place on 3, 4 and 5 May at our facilities.

Thank you for your confidence.

Newsletter October

Fall bulbs

Due to the great success in the past season, Garden Center Navarro offers once again a great variety of bulbs, among them varieties like tulips, iris, anemones, hyacinths, daffodils … and more! Using this type of culture, we can have quick results in our garden. Bulbous plants are characterized by their leaflessness in winter, but when spring comes they sprout again. We have a wide range of bulbs, prepared with all the information necessary for planting: quantity, time of planting, flowering … Be sure to visit us and see our wide range of bulbs.

Nuciben, official service & repair center

With the arrival of autumn, our Garden Center offers the best selection of equipment at the best prices. Come and see our catalog and discover our offers. At the same time take advantage of our rentals, to which we apply a 50% discount until December 31, 2012. (discounts non-accumable)

Urban Ecological Garden Kit

From now on it will be easier to cultivate on our terrace, balcony or in our garden. Garden Center Navarro launches an economical and simple to use, “Urban Ecological Garden Kit”, consisting of everything you need: cultivating table, substrates, soil enrichers, tools, seeds, fortifiers and phytosanitary products. We also include an urban ecological garden manual, which explains you easily the processes and techniques to obtain a magnificent garden.

Pine Processionary

As always, we at Garden Center Navarro, want to keep you informed. This time some advice on how to prevent the Pine Processionary. We can anticipate there appearance by spraying with Belthirul, a 100% organic product. We spray in the months of September and October, before the appearance of the hanging “tents”.

Newsletter September

Yellow dot

Discover our products with the yellow dot… At Garden Center Grupo Navarro, we have marked hundreds of items at amazing prices with a yellow dot.

New courses (in spanish)

As in previous months, Grupo Navarro has organized a series of courses for all audiences:

  • Urban organic garden.
  • Ornamental Plant Breeding and Propagation
  • Use of medicinal plants.
  • Mini gardens.
  • Bonsái workshops.
  • Biodiversity in orchards and gardens.
  • Reproduction and repopulation of native trees.
  • Nendo Dango.( particularly suitable for parents and children)
  • Hypertufa.

In addition to the information provided on our website, and in order to make our courses know to a broader public, Grupo Navarro has made some significant changes regarding our information point at La Marina Shopping Mall (1st floor next to Celio).
From August  31 it is an information point exclusively for our courses and workshops. Every Friday and Saturday we will be happy to assist you here personally. You will be able to see demonstrations of various workshops. Do not miss the opportunity,  visit us there. You can also sign-up for our free client card and take advantage of discounts at our Garden Center and get informed through our monthly newsletter.
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Subsidized course (in spanish)

The companies of “Grupo Hogar y Jardin” have subsidized the course for culinary plants a 100% for all its customers. This means that for all customers of the companies joined in Grupo Hogar y Jardin the course will be free.
Whith the objective to make this course available to the maximum number of students, we have programmed multiple dates and times.
This course aims to teach the students to recognize the most commonly used culinary plants and how to use them. You will learn to make your own preparations, such as macerated oils, aromatic vinegars, herbal blends, sauces etc…
(Course calendarPreregistration culinary plants course)

Newsletter august (2)


The different models of nebulization, both professional and consumer, offer great possibilities. From the simple decoration of terraces and garden areas to the pleasant feeling of freshness that micro-drops give us (e.g., pergolas, gazebos or balconies).

The ability to reduce the air temperature up to 11°C, make these systems tempting and almost necessary for after-dinner and summer evenings. Ask us…

Garden equipment rental

At our Garden Center we offer all our customers the possibility to rent a variety of garden machinery for professional and home use.
Chainsaws, lawnmowers, cultivators, spraying machines, hedgetrimmers…
Our technicians will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Medicinal plants course

Saturday August 18th the course of “cultivation and use of medicinal plants” was held at our facilities by Pepe Canovas, teacher of “El Olivo, Crafts and Tradition”. A total of 10 students attended, who were pleasantly surprised by the interesting topics that were discussed such as: infusions, decoctions, oleates, tinctures, syrups, plant breeding, etc.. Many of them expressed their intention to participate in other courses we have organized. Hereby we would like to thank you for your interest in the  activities that we develop and believe are a necessary commitment to shape our company that is based primarily on good service and a close relationship with our customers. (Course calendar…)

August 2012 Newsletter

New courses at Garden Center Grupo Navarro, with a new understanding of learning, more practical, more hours …
Enter and discover the new programming we have prepared for the months of August to November this year.
Cultivation and use of medicinal plants, organic vegetable cultivation on terraces and balconies, culinary plants, mini gardens …

Tune up your pressure washer from Karcher, Lavor, Nilfisk, Garland, Kruger, Comet …
Nuciben, official service and repair center of the best brands in agricultural and garden machinery, such as Karcher, Husqvarna, McCulloch, Benza …
Visit us at Garden Center Grupo Navarro.

New products, natural plant arrangements and a wide variety of “carnivorous” plants
This summer we have new and colorful natural plant arrangements, ideal for decorating our spaces, both interior and exterior. Original ideas that will surely impress.
We also curious plants “carnivorous” feeding on insects, will give an exotic touch to our home and help you fight those pesky mosquitoes this summer.
Visit our Garden Center and discover all our news.

Newsletter July 2012

At Garden Center Grupo Navarro we continue giving you more. You no longer need to leave home to enjoy and unwind. Create a different, refreshing …  space, ultimately your own paradise. Come see our new collections of orchids and tropical species that surely will meet your needs and give your garden a touch of distinction.

Also new at our center, garden furniture of the most recognized brand in Europe. Kettler furniture brings us comfort and durability, the perfect complement for any garden. You can enjoy temperatures of up to 11° less, with our new water nebulization kits.

For your entertainment we now have a new Pitch & Putt kit available. Easy and quick to install, for family fun or to practice your putting.

In our renovated store you will find everything for the decoration for your garden or terrace. with new and varied products, pots for both indoor and outdoor, furniture, glassware, metalware, artificial plants … and for those who like the latest trend, we also have all kinds of products to create, nurture and maintain ecological urban gardens with lots of seeds, substrates, pesticides and everything else you need to have your own garden at home.