Newsletter: New winter opening hours

Phalaenopsis orchids

The orchid, with its flowers so startling, is not difficult to care for. It is a plant of tropical origin but quite sturdy and with low maintenance. It is sufficient to control the dose of light and moisture. There are thousands of species but for beginners we recommend the Phalaenopsis, easy to care for and holds up well in most conditions that occur in our homes. Its long flowering and easy sprouting makes it the choice for those who are new to this type of plant.

In our Garden Center you will find a great variety in sizes and colors at fantastic prices. Don’hesitate to visit us so you can choose first. If you have questions about care please ask our specialists. They will be happy to help.

In the language of flowers, the orchid stands for: sensuality and seduction.


We want to thank our customers and friends for attending the 5th edition of Tardor Fair in Alfaz del Pi. It was a great success, both for exhibitors as well as visitors.
We also want to take advantage of the opportunity to inform you that Garden Center Navarro will participate, along with “Grupo Hogar y Jardin”,in the Dutch Fair this saturday. It will be held the 27th of october at the Camilo Cano sports complex in La Nucia. Here attendees can learn more of the rich Dutch culture.

Large collection of cacti and succulents

Cactus y Suculentas guardan agua dentro de tus hojas, tallos y raíces, pudiendo soportar largos períodos de sequía lo que las hace ideales para un cultivo de bajo mantenimiento.
Hemos preparado, pensando en coleccionistas y enamorados de estas plantas, un amplio surtido que podrá ver en nuestras instalaciones. Recuerde que en nuestro Garden Center tenemos dedicada una amplia zona a estas plantas durante todo el año, donde podrá encontrar desde pequeñas plantas a grandes ejemplares y auténticas rarezas.
Si le apasionan los cactus y suculentas o no dispone de mucho tiempo para cuidados, estas son sus plantas. En nuestras instalaciones encontrará todos los materiales para su cuidado, sustratos, abonos y como siempre el asesoramiento de nuestros expertos. Esperamos su visita.

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